Q7 Bluetooth Microphone With Speaker

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- Bluetooth 4.0 technology for lower energy consumption but more stable connection and faster transmitting speed. Effective wireless operating distance is up to 10m (33 feet).

- Metal shell protection with super bass sound to create a high-quality listening experience.

- Noise cancellation and wireless capacitive Microphone for the best Karaoke-ing experience.

- Bluetooth wireless feature to connect with any Bluetooth enabled smart devices (Works with all Apple iPhones and/or Androids)

- Distortion is less than 0.5 percent which reduces the loss of sound quality effectively.

- Fashionable carrying bag that can easily be hung on a bike or On our wrist, let you enjoy music on the go.

- Perfect for picnics, parties, family entertainment, singing karaoke, etc..


- Once connected to your devices via Bluetooth, we can Youtube our favorite songs and sing Karaoke or simply Listen to music. 

3 Layers material for Noise reduction
- Outer layer: Broad metal mesh plated Gold
- Middle layer: Thick metal mesh plated Gold
- Inner layer: High density Sponge

Package Include:
- 1 Microphone speaker
- 1 Audio cable
- 1 USB charging cable
- 1 Carrying Case